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Service Areas

Ascend Capital services areas focuses on the following components.
Short Term Financing


Ascend Capital offers short term financing. The terms range from 1 month to 24 months. The financing amount may vary from $25,000 to $2,000,000.



Business Financing


Business financing is provided for any proper and legitimate business use. Evaluation criteria include business viability, cash flow, other financial obligations, multi-year financial

performance and general credit worthiness of the business.


Personal Financing


Personal financing is provided for individual legitimate needs. Evaluation criteria includes ability to pay back the loan, personal credit, other obligations, tax returns and personal financial statements.



General Requirements

Upon receiving the initial request, Ascend Capital will identify the supporting documentation needs along with the application.


Processing Fee

Each application carries a non-refundable fee of 2% of the requested amount. To accept and process financing application the fee is charged with the application.


Upon receipt of completed application,

supporting documentation and processing fee - a decision is communicated within 5 business days.


If financing is approved, proper documentation is required to be completed prior to the release of the funds.

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